REVEALED!! Lagbaja’s Finally Exposes His Face

Since the early 90’s, Bisade “Lagbaja” Ologunde has managed to keep his face well hidden behind a mask.
According to Lagbaja, his mask is used as an icon of man’s facelessness. Lagbaja is a Yoruba word that means “nobody in particular”. It depicts the anonymity of the so-called “common man”. The mask and the name symbolise the faceless, the voiceless in the society, particularly in Africa.
But it seems we all have our curiousity chilled up as a picture alleged to be Lagbaja’s with his face left unmaked leaked on the Internet recently.

NigerianEye gathered that On Saturday, September 29 Lagbaja’s Omole Estate, Lagos home was visited by men of the underworld and valuables worth millions of naira was carted away in the process, perhaps, pictures showing his face too?
So far, the afrobeat singer who is in far away United States has not confirmed if the face is actually his or if he is the one that made the picture public or mandated someone to do so on his behalf.

It is however hard to ignore the striking similarities between this face and the masked one especially the lips, eyes and shape of chin.


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